With the blogging world gaining so much importance, brands, companies and even small websites are realizing the weightage sustainability carries. A sustainable strategy is considered essential in the competitive online realm. Sustainability today goes far beyond just how biological systems endure and remain diverse and productive. Today we need to develop sustainable models that fall under these parameters. You know your strategy is a success when it adds long term value to your work.


Once you have decided to put your creations out in the blogosphere, you surely want to create your own space, build your name and eventually a brand. As we all have been talking about, this doesn’t come so easy. It requires time, sincere efforts and dedication. Popular brands and businesses have begun to realize how adding long term value to your work is a benefit to the environment and the brand itself. If by supporting a cause, you can also make your brand grow, then why not? We say, go for it! Nike is focusing on reducing its carbon footprint, and Adidas on creating a greener supply chain and Mother Nature thinks it’s pretty cool, so do we.

Nike and Adidas are huge companies, they can afford to do it, how can I? Is that question popping in your head?  Just as we said earlier, think of the bigger picture. Even small efforts can show beautiful results when the time comes. No matter what cause you support, a few key points make a huge difference.


  • Figure out how exactly you want to support a cause through your content. Carve out a simple yet clear strategy. Nobody likes shady stuff.
  • Put it out there: make your motto loud and clear. Let your content speak the motto you believe in in such a way that the people who read your content will believe it too.
  • Belief doesn’t last too long, if tangible action isn’t seen. Show people how you are contributing, and how simple it is that they can too.
  • Keep doing what you do and do it consistently. Just a few shallow steps won’t really work well.

A tiny pebble thrown into still waters creates ripples. Similarly, sustainability is a commitment that starts with you and is incorporated into the people you interact with through your content.

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