We have all been part of the story of humanity’s encroaching relationship with our environment and this came in front of us, blaring for attention when the pandemic struck us. The past few months will be remembered for a while even after it passes, it being a historic moment and we being a part of it you know. Unprecedented times pull us out of our fast paced life and force us to think, think and think some more. We’re sure that though the past couple of months have been trying for us, we must have also gone back to our basics and got in touch with the person we should be. We noted down five really simple insights we had during this time that would benefit not just us, but the environment around us, humanity as well as the planet that homes them.


Many of us at home began to look at the numerous ways we can bring greenery around us. Those potted plants that didn’t get attention before began to flourish during lockdown. Planting a small vegetable patch, tiny saplings in your kitchen window, sprigs of herbs, fresh veggies and radiant flowers are some simple ways to rejuvenate the surroundings you live in. You can even create a basic compost in your balcony or under your kitchen sink. Time to put those green DIYs in action. Keeping aside time for activities like these even when life gets busy can ensure we stay in touch with our roots.


We all saw pain and suffering, fear and losses but we also saw people coming together in solidarity and remembering to be humane. We’re all capable of being of some help to society. There is no small or big contribution. We have communities everywhere, online and offline. People are working towards bringing visibility to causes. We’ve all seen people reaching out and lending a helping hand so the others can get back to their feet. Even making one decision that helps you live consciously is a huge contribution to the environment. Because like a pebble thrown in water, one positive act creates a ripple effect that impacts others!


There’s a lot of talk around ‘going local’ and supporting businesses around us to help the economy. Maybe someone you know has begun manufacturing a new product. Perhaps it is eco friendly too. That’s a plus point. We can make it a point everytime we come across something we believe in to give it a shout out so others get to know as well. That is one amazing way to make use of digital platforms: you can blog for a cause that matters to you.


Staying healthy doesn’t mean consuming Vitamin C and snoozing on the treadmill when a health scare comes up! Just because we’re indoors or have been for a long time, it doesn’t mean we cannot get some fresh air, take a stroll or ride that bicycle hiding behind our door. Spending time in nature reduces stress, anxiety, improves mood, energy, helps us sleep better, have increased levels of productivity at studying or working from home and ultimately be happier.


We’ve probably had a lot of time to think about the choices we make in everyday life. Being with ourselves urges us to do that. Perhaps we can now come to a conclusion? Have we been kind to ourselves and our surroundings? Come to think of it, every decision we make in everyday life impacts us and our environment . Isn’t that proof enough that we’re connected and the only way we can avoid irreversible damage is to stay in tune with nature’s music?

Each of us can do at least one eco-friendly activity, no matter what our age. We’re grappling with changes everyday of our lives, maybe one new positive change could renew our spirit.

What new direction has the lockdown given you in terms of connecting to the environmentLet us know in the comments or share your views on social media using the hashtag #CauseAChatter. We do love some delightful community voices.