As humans we spend a lot of our life seeking for meaning in things we do, probing the unseen to find answers to life’s most quizzical questions. Philosophy has opened doors to so many ideas and concepts that urge us to think in critical ways, analyze and expand our creativity. #WorldPhilosophyDay highlights the need of a new philosophy that can lead to not just a better lifestyle, but take us to the root of every problem humanity faces. Surprised?

Translated from Greek, phílosophía means ‘the love for wisdom’. Philosophy is the most important field of human thought. It is the very essence of understanding of the human mind and how it operates. The history of philosophy is not just rich, but complex too. From the ancient times to the modern world there have been many great philosophers and schools of thought. These leaders with their thoughts have added meaning to our existence. Some of these philosophies are dormant whereas others are still adapted in the contemporary era.


Plato’s philosophy of pure reasoning and Aristotle’s huge contribution to logical thinking are just two of the famous contributions to the foundation of philosophy. More modern philosophers such as Nietzsche vehemently insisted that ‘God is dead.’

His keen studies led him to find errors in metaphysics while he unveiled ‘nothingness’! Speaking of unveiling, don’t forget Freud and his deep exploration of the unconscious mind. He developed several theories on human subjectivity along the way. The studies of all these thinkers and more have seeped into every field, be it science, politics, media or medicine.


We live in a confused society; we aren’t really that good at understanding what goes on in our own minds. Socrates simply said ‘know yourself’. It sounds like a very simple statement but carries a huge secret in today’s world. If we just seek to understand our own emotions, and our thoughts, we can become capable of understanding humanity. We will become better human beings, and be capable of taking decisions that are not distorted by superficial glamour.

We will be able to stand for a deeper cause and figure out better solutions to ongoing crises. In day to day life, the understanding of philosophy can bring to us much needed perspective that makes problem solving in society not that hard at all.

Commemorating #WorldPhilosophyDay is one way to remember the different schools of thought and creating our own suited for the present day.

Unlike the popular belief that philosophy is intriguing, it actually makes life easier. We should never be afraid to ask the ‘big questions’ because only then will our energies be directed in the path of solutions.

What idea or thought would you like to contribute to society on #WorldPhilosophyDay?