Content, by itself, has little value. There is tons of information all over the world wide web but is it even being read? What makes content catch someone’s eye is its X factor: a secret ingredient that YOU add to your every post for it to make the desired impact converting a new reader into a frequent visitor.

So, let’s understand what this secret ingredient can be. 


Believe it or not, but a reader knows when you are 100% in and when you are distracted while drafting the post.  It’s your experience, your voice, your take on a particular topic which gives your content the X factor. Because what you would put out there is your perspective. Add a part of you in your every post. Connect with your reader on a personal level in this digital world. Make your reader believe that they know you despite the fact that they haven’t met you. 


Every post or article must have a takeaway. Your reader mustn’t leave your blog empty-handed. A takeaway can be in any form of an emotional response or an intellectual discourse. You can make your reader question, ponder, analyze. A blog post without a takeaway, in the end, is like work-in-progress, it’s never actually finished.


There are no original ideas, just interpretations. So why should anyone read your blog when they can read the same thing on 10 different blogs? Think of your favourite movies, books, shows – then think of why you love them so much, what is it about them that makes you want to sit in your seat, turn the page or binge till the credits of the last episode roll?

How can you make something different?

  • Add an anecdote
  • Learn the rules of the genre and pull a Russo i.e. break the rules
  • Base what you write on real experiences
  • Pay attention when you read something, especially to things you like and dislike – apply to your own writing
  • Be authentic – don’t write something you don’t understand


Once you begin using the secret ingredient in your content you pave the way towards credibility. How? Because your readers look forward to reading your perspective. They connect and resonate with your writing. Your readers will return whether your websiteranks on Google or no. Why? Because Content is the King.

Bring your uniqueness out and build content around it, on your X factor. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!