Beginnings are often filled with enthusiasm and zing. The thrill of starting something new, the energy gives us huge motivation. It’s okay for a while but with time it begins to decrease. When failures or setbacks hit us, negative feedback comes in, when we don’t get the kind of projects we hoped for, it becomes hard to keep up the same level of energy, doesn’t it? But we choose to blog and we should remember that blogging is something that needs self motivation.

How do we bring that motivation and keep the zing ever zingy!?


Setting goals that excite you is a step to take at the beginning. If what you plan to do isn’t something that is giving you goosebumps already, you should rethink your goal. Take small steps on a consistent basis, but towards a goal that really fascinates you. That is the flame that will keep you going. Most importantly, set your own goal and not something that someone else thinks is good for you. It has to be something that innately and truly inspires you.


Blogging cannot be a journey that you walk alone. We write online to be heard, to find an audience and grow. This doesn’t happen magically. It takes time and patience. Make yourself known amongst like minded people. There are people who have something you’d like to learn and there are also people who need what you have to offer through your blog. The idea is to find each other and take on this endeavour together as a community. Simply make yourself known without forcing yourself. Keep adding value and there will surely be a good outcome.


So you’ve set some realistic goals and have begun finding your tribe. This means you have become visible in the online world and are known for the goals you promised to come through with. This should give you the motivation to not disappoint yourself and your readers. It will give you the much needed drive, because you, now are accountable for the action you take. Your readers and most importantly, you yourself are counting on you.


We have an ocean of resources online that can set us back on track if we ever lose the motivation. There are blogging challenges like the A2Z one we just complete with this post, there are daily prompts, there are tricks you learn by yourself to trigger your creativity. If we consume the right content we can find inspiration for sure. However, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying too many things at once especially when you are seeking to find the motivation you lost. Start with small steps but sure steps.


Sometimes when we are completely lost we might need to take a step back and come out of our cloud of confusion. Observe your situation as a third person. Why? This can tell you if it is time to go back to your desk and work on your vision board again. You will know what went wrong and what you can do differently to get back in track. It is okay to take this time, because once you’ve cleared your mind, you will have more focus than ever before.

Motivation is an everyday thing. Focus on the present moment and all that you have right now. You’ve completed the A2Z Challenge with us. That is a huge achievement to motivate you for bigger ventures. Make your journey more enjoyable by steering it in the direction of your passion and we’re sure that if you’re constant at that, you will never lose your zing.