In the year 2022, there are over 600 million blogs and 1.9 billion websites worldwide. There are over 6 million blog posts published every day and more than 2.5 billion every year, confirms Google. With this it is clearly evident that blogging is flourishing and at this growth rate, there will be 1 billion blogs in the world in the near future.

Blogging is taken up to start a writing career or just for a passion. It builds a writing discipline, it helps to polish your writing skills, it helps you explore and generate new ideas and it creates a following of readers. In order to hold the attention of the readers, the content is made interesting, useful and valuable.

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There are several different blog types out there and they come with a variety of blogposts, who convey a message or an information in a whole new way using different methods to leave a mark and a positive impact.

On the whole blogging community is candidly putting efforts and contributing their best for a better world. Let’s see how it is done?

Propagating peace and harmony

Through poetry, art & social artistry, bloggers collaborate and work on theme based poetry, art and social artistry with an under lying message of peace and harmony. Many contests are all also run to encourage more participants to help it reach maximum people.

Encouraging involvement in eco-friendly activities 

There are many exclusive blogs that tirelessly work on new eco-friendly initiatives and projects to make the shift easy and reap great benefits from it. Details of the shops or online store of eco-friendly products are shared, smart features explained and home demos are also included.

Educating about social responsibility/behaviour

Every writer or a blogger carries with them an innate responsibility to use their PEN in the best possible way. One such duty is educating the readers to realise their role in building a better society. Talks, interview and opinions of role models are published and interaction with readers are also done.

Empowering through writing

Blogging community encourages writers from all walks of life to follow their passions and voice their opinions and it works as a compassionate support group. It is successful in bringing out many hidden talents through workshops and one to one mentoring with peers in the community.

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Setting examples to use social media wisely

Bloggers make best use of the social media. They stand as an example by highlight the various dimensions to which the social media can be put to use to have a productive yield.

Communicating with a human voice  

Bloggers don’t always speak in a generic, formal manner. They use “you” and “your” which makes it clear that it’s for me. It touches the lives of actual people and true engagement sprouts. They try to be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.

Creating awareness on health and nutrition

Awareness programs on health, importance of a nutritious diet, lifestyle diseases and disorders, etc. is information that credible people with relevant certification and authority are speaking up on more and more in the blogging community. These aid in differentiating the myths and facts and provides a chance to clear doubts. Doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts are available in the blogging arena (as bloggers) and doing their best to pass on authentic information on health and nutrition.

Entertaining through humour, memes and hilarious captions!

Using humour whenever possible is best because humour is a fairly rare commodity. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Memes are used by bloggers for self-expression or to convey a message to followers or readers.


Bringing in inclusivity

Blogging is an experience enjoyed by all irrespective of age, sex, caste and creed. The one with a passion to write, read, like, share, comment and likes to join the bandwagon to spread a positive message is a part of the blogging community. There is a space for every one and there is no dearth to it.

Providing employment

Web designers, web developers, graphic designers, internet marketing specialist, SEO writers and internet copy writers are hired by blogging brands and companies.

Elevating literary bodies

As reading and writing are a part of blogging community, the expansion and elevation of literary bodies happens quite smoothly. Literary bodies are used as a major medium to preserve and pass on experiments and experiences.

Preserving heritage and culture

Important dates concerning the heritage and culture are observed with finely supported write ups on the different cultural heritages so as to create awareness. Bloggers initiate and encourage visits to historical sites, photographic exhibitions, talks and charity concerts for the renovation and restoration of monuments.  

These are only a countable few, there are many innovative tasks taken up by the blogging community to ensure that the world becomes a better place to live in. Do you wish to be a part of this community? Take up blogging then!

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