2021 has been a great year for CauseAChatter- figuring out what cause each of us want to champion, researching and curating content around them. We had three exclusive causes we championed- Gender Talks, Mental Health Talks and Environmental Talks.

CauseAChatter is a marquee track and we thought it was time to expand our conversations to more topics.

social cause inclusivity 2022

Inclusivity: When nobody is left out

The overarching theme we have chosen for the year is inclusivity. Inclusivity means different things to different people, but we can all agree that it means not discriminating between people on the basis of gender, sex, caste, class, race etc, understanding and accepting people for who they are, even if they and their ideas may sometimes different from us and ours. Even when someone may not move at the same pace as us, each one is deserving of the same rights, and compassion.  It means to learn to cohabit with everyone in unity.

The thought behind this cause

We noticed that a lot of you have many topics to talk about and limiting our causes to three meant that you wouldn’t get the opportunity to make your voice heard. Inclusivity, like the tagline says, it means nobody is left out and you can this year pick from a variety of causes to create impactful content!

Categories to pick from

Now, inclusivity is an umbrella term and a pretty huge one at that so we have a few trending categories you can choose from while you submit your posts. All of these categories come under inclusivity:

  1. Climate change: It refers to long-term shifts in temperature, overall weather and its causes and effects. 

  2. Gardening: Simple gardening at home plays a pivotal role in maintaining our ecosystem!           

  3. Mental health: No matter how much we talk about mental health, there are always breakthroughs, and many times there is still stigma attached to many topics.       

  4. Women empowerment: Women empowerment happens in many ways and today we see several women as pioneers in leading fields. Telling their stories, sharing experiences of overcoming always helps.

  5. Gender identity: Gender is a wide spectrum with many unexplored areas. Many of us are still struggling with gender dysphoria, and non-acceptance in society. The more we speak up, the more everyone in the LGBTQIA community gets heard.

  6. Sustainable living: A sustainable lifestyle is one of the best ways to be kind to the earth and give back for all the resources we consume.

  7. Discrimination: Discrimination happens on the basis of sex, gender, race, colour, class, abilities and so much more. It can happen at home, workplaces and anywhere else. 

  8. Access to education: Education in itself isn't a cause, but the right to it and the access to it is. Many children and youth do not get access to education for many reasons- lack of awareness amongst the parents, financial crisis, geographical location etc. Under this category you can bring awareness around underprivileged communities and access to education.

  9. Disability: Disability can be physical, mental and even invisible. Learning about the various kinds of disabilities helps us understand and communicate better. 

  10. Legal rights awareness: It is the empowerment of individuals regarding issues involving the law. If you are a social worker, a lawyer or someone with interest in the law, this is your chance to make others aware of their rights too.

  11. Animal rights: Animals have certain rights that protect them from harm and suffering. They deserve consideration that is in their best interests. 


How many causes can you choose

You can pick a maximum of 3 causes.

Just ensure that you complete your target for each quarter that is 3 pieces of content. 

Target for this year+goal setting

The target will remain the same- three pieces of content for each quarter. However we are keen on measuring our impact in 2022. Hence we’ve introduced ‘Goal Setting.’ While you select your causes, you will be asked to fill in a small goal that you wish to achieve by participating in CauseAChatter. Don’t get overwhelmed! The goal can be as small or as big as you want it, as long as you define it well. 

 For example:

"I want to learn gender pronouns better. I plan to do it by consuming credible content and documenting my learnings."

 "I want to help at least one other person understand the benefits of gardening. I want to share my ideas on my blog and social media." 

 "I want to complete three CAC posts and improve the quality of my content."

“I want to learn more about a particular cause. Writing about it via CauseAChatter is my first step.”

“I want to spread awareness on education for the underprivileged. I plan to interview a few expert voices.”

“I want to talk about animal rights and lesser known facts about preserving biodiversity.”

“I want to share my ideas/solutions and experiences on my blog around women empowerment.”


These are just examples of the kind of goals you can have. Yours can be bigger or smaller, just make sure it is well defined and you keep a note of it as well, so you don’t lose track of your progress. 

Also, before you begin, have a look at our guidelines so you can be the best at championing causes and leading a movement! Once you've gone through them, go to your dashboard to select your causes, fill in your goal and begin the journey!