We've come a long way from the time we introduced writing on a social cause through CauseAChatter in our community. If there's one thing we've truly learnt from all the activities we've had, it is the power of collective effort. When the entire community comes together with one purpose around a social cause, to create a positive impact, it definitely shows. So, we thought of sharing a few tips on how you can do CauseAChatter better and make this journey worthwhile.

Choose a social cause that is important to you

For 2021, we have chosen 3 social causes: mental health, gender talks and environment. You can choose a cause that resonates the most with you. While our efforts will be pivoted around these 3 causes, you can also select a social cause apart from the 3 as well.

Create impactful content

This is easier than it sounds. The idea behind keeping the target as just 3 pieces of content per quarter is so you'll have enough time to think over and create. When you have a social cause close to your heart, you will already have a rough idea on what direction to give it. Even then if you get stuck, you can always reach out to us or check the resources we have on the site. When you have the right intent, inspiration will always come. 

Active participation

We will always have some activity around one of the three social causes, be it community activities, inviting experts over for discussions or celebrating socially important days. Participating in whatever you relate to shows your involvement in the cause and also helps you gain insights. It also tells your readers and followers about what matters to you.


It goes without saying that creating content can be a lonely experience if you don't spend a little time to engage and build your community. Our website is the best place to find more CauseAChatter content from like-minded community. You can go to the CauseAChatter section of the website, put in the 'Community Speaks' filter and browse for your next read. An easy way to make use of this is to read, comment on and share atleast one post daily.

Spread the word

Social media is a great way to do this. Amplify the reach of your own posts, talk about the social cause you have taken using our hashtag #CauseAChatter, tag us and spread the word to fellow bloggers. You never know who you might inspire with just one post/tweet/story of yours.

In case you are new to CauseAChatter, you can always register with a click right here.

While CauseAChatter is about creating impact and bringing purpose, upliftment begins at home from where you can create a ripple of change by being the change.

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