“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
– Stephen King


Books transport readers to exotic spheres. The yin and yang that readers and writers are, they often switch places. Getting them under a single umbrella is what our revolutionary book review program all about.

You can look at the Book Review library here.

Book reviewers read for the love of books and review because they want to express their thoughts about the book. Authors thrive when their books are read and reviewed. It promotes their work and gives them valuable feedback.

Blogchatter is a community of bloggers where all bloggers are writers and many of them are either already published or aspiring authors. We aim to connect these authors with the book reviewers in the community.

How Does Blogchatter Book Review Program Foster a Reading Culture

With the rapid advent of social media, short attention spans and plethora of information at our finger tips, the joys of settling down with a book have been forgotten by many of us. Blogchatter wants to foster a reading culture and encourage deep thinking and discourse about what we read. We bring books to readers through our Ebook library, We Recommend Section and Review Section. All these books are available for free download or paperback copies are sent to readers.

Our reading culture is part of an ecosystem that includes authors, publishers and independent book stores. Supporting authors through conversations around their books, giving visibility to debut books, partnering with publishers to facilitate exposure to books and buying from independent book sellers are some of the ways Blogchatter Book Review Program contributes to building a healthier reading ecosystem.


As a member of the Blogchatter Book Review Program, you the author and your book would get the much needed coverage. There are benefits galore!

  • The reviews help in book promotion
  • Social media shares of book reviews lead to greater exposure
  • Reviews act as feedback to the quality of your work
  • Reviews and response to the book will help you test the market. It’s helpful if you are still on the fence about KDP or self-publishing
  • Blogchatter would also provide an author platform where your book(s), along with your bio, links to buy and reviews are showcased in one place
  • To see how your book will be listed on our website, check this

If you are an author and would like a book review, please send an email to hola@theblogchatter.com.*

Book Review earn money


As part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program, you the reviewer would get the following benefits.

  • Read free books as per your genre preference
  • Earn the coveted badge of a Blogchatter Book Reviewer, when you write regular and high-quality reviews

bookreviewer badge

  • Win physical copies of books or book-related goodies
  • Reward Points for being a Blogchatter Reviewer
  • Book reviews would be highlighted on Blogchatter social media platforms
  • The reviews would be showcased on the website along with links to the books
  • Discussion posts on the book reviews by two or more reviewers, garnering more views
  • Backlinks to review from the author site

You can apply for a book here and check the status of your request here.


If you are an avid reader or a passionate book blogger or if you are a published or an aspiring author, you must join the Blogchatter Book Review Program. Celebrate books and reading and gain benefits by being part of a vibrant book community!

Here are some links to help you review books:

*Please read our terms and conditions for the review program before you register.

Steps to Read and Review

If you a book blogger or an avid reader, you can do your favourite thing and earn from it! Our book review section adds new and soon-to-be released books from Indian authors, that are either traditionally published or self published.

There are many ways you can add to the conversations around a book. Book bloggers can

Write a book feature

A book feature goes beyond the story of the book. You can speak about what drew you to pick the book, compare it to similar books from other authors, talk about other books of the same author, discuss the setting at length. In fact there are many angles that you can explore in a book feature.

Write a book review

Discussing the plot, storyline, characters, settings along with showcasing the blurb of the book are one of the most common and accepted way of writing a book review. You can talk about your personal opinion of the various elements too.

Have a discussion post around the book dissecting themes

Fiction books have an underlying theme or sometimes they explore a whole range of societal or economic issues. You can explore these in detail.

Do an author interview

You can contact the author of the book you are reading and set up a conversation. Ask questions about the book, his/her influences and the themes they have explored in the book. You can ask about many other aspects of the writing process.

Showcase an extract from a book

Many of us like to read a sample before buying a book. Showcasing an extract from a book you have read and liked is a great way to let other readers know about it. You would need written permission from the author or the publisher to publish an extract though.

Cover an offline book event

If you have been part of an offline book event, a blogpost is a great way to talk about your experience. It also helps get word out about the books and authors the event has covered.

Add the book as part of a roundup post

Adding a book with a brief description and what you felt about the book to a roundup post is another way you can bring attention to a recent read.

Talk about book hauls or TBR lists

Book bloggers often get a lot of books in one go and book haul pictures are a great hit with other readers. You can also post about your TBR or any reading challenges that you are a part of.

Blogchatter Book Review Program is one of the most trusted in India. Be part of the ecosystem of book reading and encouraging writers by agreeing to review books. You can choose a book showcased in the section, apply for it on the website itself and earn reward points when it is approved. These reward points can be encashed and the money is credited to your bank account.

Follow the given steps to read and review books with us.

Register on the Website

Navigate to the login page and create an account using your email. You now get access to a dashboard. Head over to your profile, fill all details, and add your social media handles. A complete profile helps us send you the books you have requested for faster. This profile also gives you access to a number of features. You can check all other campaigns that are live, surveys that you can take, tracks you can register for, which include #TBR Challenge and #CauseAChatter.

Head over to the Review Section

The books available for review are listed in the Review Section. Both paperbacks and ebooks are listed here. You can use filters at the top of the page to navigate the different categories. If there’s a book you would like to read and review, click on Apply.

Status of Your Request

Your review request is approved at the backend by the team. If you are a first time reviewer with us, it helps that your profile be complete, with blog links. We prefer that your blog already has book reviews or you have a dedicated category for books. 

When your book is approved or not approved, we send you an email to your registered email id intimating you of the same. You can also check the status in your dashboard, under Book Review. 

Reasons for Request not Getting Approved

We have certain criteria for a book review and intimate the same through email. If your previous review was not as per guidelines, it can lead to your new requests being rejected. We also expect reviews to be posted within a certain time limit. Not honouring the time limit can also lead to a book request being rejected. If you haven’t been writing book reviews on your blog and your blog niche is very different from that of books, your request might be rejected. At times, we get a large number of requests for a book with limited copies, and have to reject a few requests. In case you are not sure, why your request has not been approved you can email us or reach out to a team member.

Receiving the Book

The books are sent out to reviewers as soon as possible. Authors and publishers are responsible for sending out the review copies and we facilitate the process. If your address on the website is complete, with pin code and landmark, it helps with quick deliveries (paperback). In case of ebooks, authors send out PDF/EPUB files, gift Kindle books or send out Amazon gift cards that can be redeemed to buy the book online.

Once you receive the book, we expect you to update the same in your dashboard, marking ‘copy received' for the book.

Writing a Review

We have guidelines for a review to be posted. All reviews must be atleast 450-500 words, analytical and detailed in nature, have an image of the book that is reviewed and have the book buy link in the post. It must have the mandatory line ‘This review is powered by Blogchatter Book Review Program’, linking this line back to this post.

In addition, information about the book, blurb and author may be included. We expect the review to focus on the book, be positive and any criticism to be merely objective and not personal in nature.

Submitting your Review

When you have read the book and written the review (within 15 days of receiving), publish it on your website. On Blogchatter website, go to the listing of the book, add a comment, summarising your impression and add the review link. In addition to this, give the book a star rating.

Next, navigate to your dashboard, go to Submit BlogRolls and add your book review to the website. Make sure to choose the BookChatter category. Now, head to Book Review in your dashboard and submit Review Link. Make sure that you use the same link that you have submitted to BlogRolls.

Book Review Approval

The submitted book review would be checked by the team and approved at the backend. In case your review needs a change or you have missed adding the book cover image or the book buy link or the mandatory line, you will be contacted by someone from the team. Once that issue is rectified, your review will be approved.  

We take 24-48 hours to approve a submitted review. Once the book review is approved, you will get an email apprising you of the same. You can also check the status of your submitted review in your dashboard.

Reward Points

Every approved review carries reward points. As soon as your review is approved, reward points would be credited to your wallet. You will get an email for the same. You can check your reward points added and the total in your dashboard too. Remember, you can encash your reward points as soon as they reach a certain threshold.

Number of Books to Request

Reviewers can apply for two books at a time. If there’s another book in the Review Section that you would like to read and review, you can submit your review fast to be eligible to apply for another book.


Reviewers who have consistently been writing quality reviews get badges that are visible on their Blogchatter profile.

Ebook Carnival

There are reward points for reviewing books that are published on Blogchatter platform during Ebook carnival. This is available for a particular time period. The time period, reward points and other conditions would be communicated at the time and would be binding on reviewers.

We Recommend Section

We Recommend section has books that are much-loved across generations and geography. We curate a list of books that are a recommendation when you don’t know what to read next.

TBR Challenge

Readers take up annual reading challenges to keep their reading pace, finish books in their lists and to connect with like-minded readers. #TBRChallenge is an annual challenge designed to keep you reading through fluid and self-determined reading goals. Books read from the Review Section can be added to TBR Challenge, with a provision to add and display the read books on your profile.

There are regular activities, check-ins and motivational boosts that keep you reading. There are reward points on the completion of your reading goals.

Showcasing Your Book in the Review Section

As an author, getting the word out about your book is crucial. You have given your sweat, tears and hard work to put a book out there, now let us help you get visibility for your masterpiece. For a new release, an early buzz helps generate interest in your would-be readers. Early reviews are good publicity and the fact that book reviewers are influencers in their own right helps other readers to be aware of your book. If your book has been published for a while and you are looking for additional visibility through reviews and chatter on social media, Blogchatter Book Review Program is the right place for you.

Here are a few things to consider when you reach out to us for showcasing your book on our platform: 

1. If you are an author and would like your book to be part of the Book Review Section, send us an email at hola@theblogchatter.com

2. We would require the following details about the book:

i. Book name and genre

ii. Book blurb

iii. Book buy link

iv. Book format

v. Publication date / expected publication date for soon-to-be released books

3. We will get back to you in 3-5 working days regarding your request

4. If we choose to put up your book in the Review Section, we would require you to be registered on the website with a complete profile that can be showcased as author profile.

5. Your book will get a permanent website listing, that showcases the book cover and blurb, giving you the author a login id to check and respond to comments left in the book listing.

6. Based on the number of copies you decide to send ahead to reviewers, the website listing would reflect that number.

7. Once we have the required number of requests we would send you the reviewer addresses so that you can send out the paperback copies or the ebook within 7 days of us sharing addresses with you.

8. The reviews are posted as blog posts, added to the website as BlogRolls and shared on the social channels of the book reviewer.

9. The website listing also has a star rating and comments section.

10. The reviewers post unbiased reviews that are balanced. We do not ask our book bloggers to change their content.

11. We amplify the review links on our social channels.

Be part of Blogchatter Book Review Program and contribute to a more open and transparent reading ecosystem. Get started by creating an account on the website and completing your profile details. You can sign up for TBR Challenge, browse through books in the Ebook Library or apply for a book in the Review Section.