“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
– Stephen King

What is the Blogchatter Book Review Program

Books transport readers to exotic spheres. The yin and yang that readers and writers are, they often switch places. Getting them under a single umbrella is what our revolutionary book review program all about.

Book reviewers read for the love of books and review because they want to express their thoughts about the book. Authors thrive when their books are read and reviewed. It promotes their work and gives them valuable feedback.

Blogchatter is a community of bloggers where all bloggers are writers and many of them are either already published or aspiring authors. We aim to connect these authors with the book reviewers in the community.

What’s in it for Authors

As a member of the Blogchatter Book Review Program, you the author and your book would get the much needed coverage. There are benefits galore!

  • The reviews help in book promotion
  • Social media shares of book reviews lead to greater exposure
  • Reviews act as feedback to the quality of your work
  • Reviews and response to the book will help you test the market. It’s helpful if you are still on the fence about KDP or self publishing
  • Blogchatter would also provide an author platform where your book(s), along with your bio, links to buy and reviews are showcased in one place

If you are an author and would like a book review, please send an email to [email protected]*

What’s in it for Reviewers

As part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program, you the reviewer would get the following benefits.

  • Read free books as per your genre preference
  • Earn the coveted badge of a Blogchatter Book Reviewer, when you write regular and high quality reviews
  • Win physical copies of books or book related goodies
  • Book reviews would be highlighted on Blogchatter social media platforms
  • Blog linky for the book reviews so that the community can find the reviews in one place
  • The reviews would be showcased on the website along with links to the books
  • Discussion posts on the book reviews by two or more reviewers, garnering more views
  • Back links to review from the author site

If you are a book reviewer and would like to enroll for the program, please fill this form.*

How does the Book Review Program work

If you are an avid reader or a passionate book blogger or if you are a published or an aspiring author, you must join the Blogchatter Book Review Program. Celebrate books and reading and gain benefits by being part of a vibrant book community!

You could be reading books as early as the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival in May! So, hurry and register!

Here are some links to help you review books:

*Please read our terms and conditions for the review program before you register.