A very Happy New Year to you. Our first chat of 2019 was dedicated to championing a cause. There is no denying the fact that our world needs restoration. And only if we do our bit, take one step at a time, we can do wonders for our planet, our world.

And hence, we asked our beloved community what is the one cause you would champion? From girl education to children’s happiness quotient, each cause was noble.

For Aseem Rastogi it is, “I would like to champion the cause of mental health awareness” while for Prateek Mathur it is, “The cause I would like to champion is to help starving children.”

Dixita wanted to champion dog shelter homes and Anindya said, “the cause that I will like to champion is awareness of #Climatechange #blogchatter.”

We know that it’s crucial to undertake a cause and work towards achieving it. But, why is it important to take up a cause and support it?

We agree with Amrita, “A2 #Blogchatter that’s the only way to make the world a better place”

Samarpita summed it aptly too, “A2. Because
– children are the future
– future needs to be educated
– child rights are often neglected and they need to know what their rights and duties are
– every child should have basic if not equal (ideal, I hope some day they do) opportunities #Blogchatter”

In simple words as Leha said, “A2.  Because cumulative efforts create big impact.  #Blogchatter”

And we had to ask out of education, poverty and peace, which cause would you like to champion and why?

For Ravish it is, “A3. As I see, whatever we do, we do it to live a peaceful life. Whether we earn money or win a medal, the ultimate reason is mental peace.”

While Srimant said, “A3 All three are equally important, in fact they are interlinked. Unless a person educates himself, he won’t be able to uplift himself from his proverty. Proverty will lead to theft, dacoity and even extremism. This will hamper peace. How can someone read with an empty stomach?.”

Prateek Mathur wants to champion poverty and he said, “A3. Poverty is the root cause of many other ills of this world. It leads to lack of education, hunger, misdirected youth that ultimately gets misused into violence. So I would like to champion poverty. #blogchatter”

And Amrita said, “A3. Education #Blogchatter. It all starts there. Even on my blog. That’s the reason I started writing.”

And if you are wondering as a blogger, what is the best way to create an impact about a cause this is the section for you.

Prateek Mathur said, “A4. Write about it;
encouraging online fundraiser
write about how one can help (list of organizations/ links);
Make noise on social media ! #blogchatter”

According to Maheshwar Jothi, “A4. Awareness. Keep writing. First thing for any problem to be solved is to accept and make people aware that there is a problem. Then write on solutions. #blogchatter”

On the other hand Geethica said, “A4. Being a blogger we are blessed. We are next to media today. Create awareness by
1)writing about it
2) circulating on all social media platforms.
3) making videos-videos reach better
4) hosting events and spreading the word
#Blogchatter #lucidgeet”

For Ravish it is, “A4. Blogging is all about creating impact through carefully chosen words in order to spread a meaningful message devoted to a cause.”

Can we on a micro level be creators of social change? Our community certainly thinks so.

Dixita suggested, “5. Don’t wait for others to start or join you in any cause, Do it yourself first without worrying about the barking of people on woofing puppies #Blogchatter”

Srimant said, “#BlogChatter Understand the requirement of the change. Who will be impacted? Are beings anxious about the change? How will we motivate them for the change? Explaining them on ground and creating awareness in SM”

Ravish added that “A5. By believing in Butterfly Effect and taking active initiatives even it’s a small one. A long journey always starts with a single step.”

And Geethica, “A5. Research well and create awareness through blog. Read others perspective and collectively share and create awareness #Blogchatter #lucidgeet”

Time for some forecasting. What change would you like to see happening by the end of 2019?

Maheshwar Jothi, “A6. Like to? Everyone getting equal education and no one should discontinue school or edu for any reason! Esp for money!”

Geethica, “A6. Peace in the world on every issue. #Blogchatter #lucidgeet”

Srimant, “#BlogChatter 6 billion people fully aware of the requirement of garbage management and aware of climate change. Next year we can take steps to protect nature, if we can make 6 billion people aware”

Dixita, “6. It is just the start of 2019 so end will be completely different but I have intuitions that It will be always be on positive note #BlogChatter”

Our first chat session of the year was filled with positiveness and high hopes. We agreed that championing a cause on an individual level is the need of the hour and can definitely be the beginning of a change.
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