Here’s a fun fact you didn’t ask for: The Sonoran Desert in Arizona is mostly dry all the time with very infrequent rains. But when it rains, oh it’s a storm and the only vegetation in this desert, the Saguaro cactus towering like a tree up to 12 metres tall waits for these showers. The long and shallow root system it has sucks up all the water and expands rapidly to become a live water store capable of carrying 5 tons of water! This wonderful characteristic makes the Saguaro cactus crucial for the survival of the desert creatures.

We all love a little green in our life even those of us who don’t have a green thumb. While some of us can grow a Jumanji like forest with ease or a fruit orchard that could make the Hanging Gardens of Babylon look pfft.. puny, we mustn't forget the gorgeous xerophytes that are taking over the world. Ever wondered why cactuses are so popular? In fact, they’re the pop culture icon of the plant world. Cactus buntings, cactus earrings, cactus magnets, glasses, lamps - you name it, there’s a tiny cactus version of it.

How about having some real cacti at home? Here are few reasons why you most certainly should:

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There’s one for everyone:

With over 2000 species of succulents, you can easily find one that matches your personality. Think the 7 dwarves from Snow White: Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Happy…quite similarly, you can choose cacti that are fuzzy so you can ‘pet’ them, or spikey to go with your hair style, or maybe something sleek and stylish with showy flowers to match your classy look.

They wear sunscreen:

No, that wasn’t a typo. They have this waxy layer called the cuticle that protects them from losing too much water and remain succulent. This layer acts like a built-in sunscreen. If that’s not cool, then what is? It could inspire you to pamper yourself with some skin care routine. *slathers on some sunscreen to look pretty like cactus*

Low maintenance:

Self care and self help is the best, right? A little water and a little sunshine. That’s all you need to make a cactus happy. They don't need constant tending to. They’re also super easy to propagate. Just cutting off a piece and placing it in another pot is enough to grow a new cactus. A lot of love, maybe a chat once in a while and you and cactus are good!

A breath of fresh air:

They are said to be the best at reducing radiation and bacteria. They also produce a lot of oxygen, making them the best indoor buddies. #WeAreAllHousePlants now, right? The pandemic made sure of that. So we do need other houseplants to vibe with.

They add the aesthetic factor to everything:

If none of the above were appealing to you then you’ve gotta admit that the best ‘aesthetic’ photos have a cactus or two in them.

  • Minimalistic and contemporary office look: add a cactus next to the laptop on the white table.
  • Imma plant loving book worm: the crown of the cactus is going to look gorgeous in that bookstagram flatlay, right?
  • Cactus Yoda: a lone cactus on the window next to a coffee/chai mug while it rains outside, Cactus Yoda is liked by everyone.

As for Team Blogchatter, we adore our Captain Houseplant Monty Dioxide (check our Instagram highlights: Houseplants) because he's the superhero we need. He reminds us to eat, write, drink water and unmute during zoom calls. So, now you understand why you need a cactus in your life. All of you deserve a superhero cactus in your life, after all!

Pssst.. Captain Houseplant Monty Dioxide also wants you to know that we are championing all things Environment at CauseAChatter so you can be a part too. Check it out here.