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Writing, 3 Jun 2023


One of the biggest challenges of content creation online is the pressure to constantly produce new and engaging content. This…

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Writing, 3 Jun 2023

Family Dinner

It was a warm summer’s afternoon as Roshini drove her way through the maddening traffic, hoping she would arrive before…

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Life & Lifestyle, 3 Jun 2023

Blogchatter Blog Hop: Refresh to Restart

When you think about taking a break, you feel tense about the impact it can leave. Isn't it? What if…

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CauseAChatter, 30 May 2023

How to Take a Mental Health Day Off as a Means of Self-care – The Blissful Storyteller

When you are stressed and burned out, the best way to feel rejuvenated is practicing self-care activities. Therefore, take a…

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Writing, 30 May 2023

No Work, Only Play – A Rustic Mind

This post is a part of Blogchatter Blog Hop. It is in response to the weekly prompts for 23rd-29th May…

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Life & Lifestyle, 29 May 2023

Day-off day

This is the day I want to be me and feel good. This post was the most relaxing moment for…

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BookChatter, 4 Jun 2023

Book Review- Humor with Mario Miranda | by khushbu mathur | Jun, 2023 | Medium

A fun illustrated life map and biography of Famous Indian Cartoonist Mario Miranda. Inspiring, light-hearted and colorful book for kids

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Life & Lifestyle, 4 Jun 2023

Does Life really change at the age of 33?

Well, that’s good but I think there’s many other things that are happening with me at this age. I am…

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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 4 Jun 2023

Sometimes Losing is more essential than Winning!

A Blog about Opinions, Youth, Books, Movies, Spirituality, Life Lessons and everything you can think with your young brain. Sometimes…

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