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BookChatter, 24 Oct 2021

Review of "Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!" by Jas Kohli

Dr. Kohli’s writing has a certain level of wit and humor which has almost become his signature. The plot of…

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BookChatter, 24 Oct 2021

Review of "Not Without Your Love" by Arvind Parashar

The plot of the book is based on an interesting idea of love that cross borders and stands the test…

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Life & Lifestyle, 23 Oct 2021

7 types of people - when it comes to getting vaccines

While trying to figure out the best way to get hold of a vaccine for myself, I came to notice…

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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 25 Oct 2021

Why you should consume vitamins to maintain a healthy body

Vitamins are essential nutrients that play multiple roles in keeping our body healthy. This post highlights their importance and an…

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Food & Travel, 25 Oct 2021


SEV is a Indian snack prepared with Bengal gram flour. It is a deep fried snack &can be made quickly.…

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Culture & Entertainment, 25 Oct 2021

Inside Job Animated Netflix Series: Conspiracy Theories as Comedy Fuel

The Inside Job Animated Netflix Series is a fun comedy series that talks about the deep state and conspiracy theories…

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CauseAChatter, 26 Oct 2021

The Enticing Himalayas – Winter Kuari Pass Trek Part 3

This Winter Kuari Pass trek was my first ever trek. I never knew I had this stamina, bravery, strength and…

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Writing, 25 Oct 2021

Far from the shallow

It happens in the most unexpected ways. When you’re going about your daily routine When you flip through your planner,…

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BookChatter, 25 Oct 2021

Book Review of Twilight’s Temptation by Shilpa Suraj

Diana Severes and Manav Apte, a drop-dead-gorgeous model, and a sexy photographer; they’re perfect for each other, and their chemistry…

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