We've all heard of and talk about how 2020 has not been our year and how we hope for 2021 to be better. We're here to share with you how

 'Blogging With A Purpose'  this year has been a beacon of hope and light despite the global struggle, reinforcing our belief in the positivity of life.

Keeping up with the pace our world is moving at, we highlighted the importance of digital learning and how it guides a blogger and learner to the path of success. Unlearning and relearning is key to building a better society. Samarpita's post taught us how to educate the world on feminism the right way. Staying at home taught us more about the environment than we ever learnt before. We also realised that it does not take much to live a greener life. When it came to flattening the curve and bringing humanity back to its feet, no contribution was small and we had the chance to journey with Manas as he talked about his mother's NGO and the steps they had taken during the covid crisis. 

Mental health and well-being is crucial, especially at a time like this. With suicide rates sky rocketing especially during the lockdown, there is an urgent need to have meaningful conversations around it. Suicde Prevention Day , and also make sure everyone has access to affordable help

Cause A Chatter champions of 2020 - Advocates of 2021

Apart from the conversations we have been having at Blogchatter, many of our community members had begun their Blogging With a Purpose this year and have been amazing at what they do. We've had 19 champions this year ! *Applause*

CauseAChatter Sticker

  • Varsha has been sharing her fitness journey and talking about body positivity.
  • Meenal and Sonal and Srishti discussed education and learning for all.
  • Deepa, shared with us much needed mindful parenting tips.
  • Pragun championed sustainability and how it begins at home.
  • Ruchi made the process of raising teenagers easier for all parents.
  • Creativity and reading can be a tool to spread meaningful messages. Aishwariya and Ninu, through their posts told us that.
  • Hope is a blessing at anytime, Swarnali showed us how to keep blooming and Pooja spreads talks about nurturing our mind.
  • Happiness is a state of mind and Geethica helped us change our perspective and achieve our state of joy.
  • Doctors Amrita and Abhjit used their knowledge to talk about e-learning for kids and children's health respectively.
  • Allergies can be challenging and hard to detect. Ritu has been spreading awareness on the same.
  • Unsung heroes deserve a stage and Felicia has been using her blog to highlight some of these stars who silently make the world a happier place.
  • Roma shared her experience with endometriosis to make the healing process easier for others.
  • Janaki has been sharing about women's issues.
  • Sreedhar talked all about the little learnings in life that are there everyday if we choose to see the greater purpose of life.
  • Archana has been writing all about the pandemic and its effects on life.

The unitedness of our community champions is what we take forward to the brand New Year 2021. Every cause needs an advocate to keep going.

Ready to hop in with us? Registrations for Cause A Chatter open in January. Click here to Register for 2021 - and with you as our advocates, we can begin a movement.