You might have a great product, appealing content, and yet fail to build a brand. Have you ever wondered why that is? That’s exactly what the Blogchatter community discussed in the Twitter chat on 11th April, at 8.30 PM. Here is a brief summary with select moments to give you a jist:

The first question we discussed was the obvious one: what a communication plan meant to us, for which we got numerous answers:

After all, making a connection is important, in order to keep going.

Next we discussed how segregation of the communication plan is done across social media:

As they say, the right hashtags and catchy messages do create an impact.

And then we talked about how Twitter has helped us in communicating our message. Everybody liked the fact that they could keep their messages short and sweet on Twitter and still reach out. It is also quite fast paced.

People usually don’t have much time to spare with their busy schedule. Twitter comes in handy for such readers. If the few lines we share on it are compelling enough, they will definitely want to read more.

Facebook is something almost everybody use actively on a daily basis. While some were a little apprehensive about it owing to the privacy fiasco, others were quite enthusiastic.

It seems like Facebook attracts a greater audience than other social media. Instagram, a popular platform to share videos and pictures, can also be a part of promotion. Although not many found it very useful, here is what they had to say:

The key to a great Instagram account is visuals. The better your visuals, the more followers you gain. 

To sum it up , we discussed what exactly is the success metric of a communication plan, what is the recipe to it? What simple steps can we follow for a definite way to deliver the message we want to our audience?

Balance and consistency is important while executing a communication plan. We have to keep going at a steady pace. This session definitely provided us with a lot of insights, and tips. Members shared the techniques they use, and helped each other out, which is what Blogchatter loves to do: a clear road map is what you need to reach your destination.