We probably started our blog as a passion, because we love to write and needed a window to let out all that creativity. But now, it’s been a while and it wouldn’t hurt to earn some money through it, now would it? It may look like a lot of investment at first with no sure outcome, but aren’t all beginnings like that?

  1. First things first, only a self-hosted website can be monetized. When you self-host a website you have complete ownership over it. Nobody can take it down. A website meant for business having WordPress ads blaring gives an amateur look. Besides you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously if you can’t invest that much in building your brand.
  2. Once you own your website, make sure you have a professional design layout. This speaks a million words. When you’re looking for monetization, there might be brands wanting to approach you, or people wanting you to write sponsored posts. What will make them want to choose your site? The first thing that captures people’s attention is the way your website looks: is it too cluttered, are there too many colours, is it easy to navigate through? Your website speaks about you.
  3. Like we mentioned earlier, you have full control of your website now, which means you get to choose what ads appear on your pages. Word Ads, Google Adsense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, Vibrant Media are some networks that WordPress offers.
  4. Affiliate links are another great way to monetize your site. Amazon’s affiliate program is very easy to register and manage.
  5. Sponsored posts that promote a specific product or service definitely offers some kind of compensation.
  6. You can also sell products through your website, be it electronics, beauty products, your own handmade items  or digital products such as ebooks.

The ways to monetize are numerous once you own your site. To use a free blogging platform is actually disadvantageous to as it is keeping you from exploring all the possibilities you can otherwise be open to. Are you ready to take the big step? Writing is great for those who love it. But it’s even greater when you can earn something from it. Do you agree?