We are so glad that you have taken the first step towards Blogging With A Purpose through our CauseAChatter track. Everything we do impacts people and the circle of life and you have chosen to create a better world through your words. We promise it is going to be an eventful journey, one that you will definitely remember.

First things first! Please check that your profile is complete on the website and you read all instructions carefully before you step in. Here are a few details to keep in mind so you can ensure your participation with CauseAChatter is not just interesting, but also the most beneficial to you and your blogging journey.

Rules to make the best of the journey

1. We are championing three causes - Mental Health Talks, Gender Talks and Environmental Talks out of which picking one is mandatory. You can choose more than one if you wish. You can select cause/s in your dashboard.

2. Go through all the causes before you choose, because once registered, you cannot change the cause until a quarter is over. So you will only be able to change your cause in April.

3. You can create content in the form of videos or blog posts.

4. Ensure that the content you create is based on the cause/s you pick. We will be going through the content you submit before it gets approved to our site. 

5. Make sure your content is posted on time, minimum one piece of content per month. 

6. Your posts must be fresh and please finish your posts within the quarter or they won't appear on the site and will not be considered.

7. Add the mandatory line at the end of your post 'This post is part of Blogchatter's CauseAChatter'  (https://www.theblogchatter.com/causeachatter)

8. Always add your posts to BlogRolls, pick the appropriate category i.e., CauseAChatter, only then will it be visible to us for approval. Once approved you will be able to see your post in CauseAChatter module here . Share on social with #CauseAChatter hashtag and tag Blogchatter.

9. Whether you pick one cause, two or all three, the target we have set for this quarter is to create three pieces of content (blog posts/videos - Your choice). If you have chosen all three causes, then ideally, create one piece for each cause. 

10. After a quarter, you will need to re-select the cause/s with just a click as this will be your chance to change your cause/s, if need be.

11. On a quarterly basis you will be eligible for reward points and stickers if you have completed your target. You can also track your progress by checking target vs achieved in your dashboard, here. Also, if you've been consistent through the year, you'll be eligible for a certificate.

Most importantly have fun and engage with everyone participating in CauseAChatter to find your tribe.

You can register for the ongoing quarter here on your dashboard.

Please feel free to reach out to us at hola@theblogchatter.com or leha@theblogchatter.com in case of any queries. We are happy to help and make this a super exciting journey for all of us!