Here we have answered some of your burning questions regarding Blogchatter’s Ebook Carnival:

Q1. What is the last day to register?

5th May

Q2. What are the rules for the ebook carnival?

Here are some you should keep in mind:

  1. It is open to all registered members of Blogchatter
  2. You need not have participated in #BlogchatterA2Z 2019, or any other previous Blogchatter campaigns to be eligible to participate in ebook carnival
  3. Every participant must register as a reviewer for the Blogchatter Book Review Program. This is to ensure that all the books under the ebook carnival get sufficient number of reviews.
  4. Each participant must review 3 books. One would be compulsory and the book would be suggested by us. The other two books you can read as per your interest.
  5. Every review will become part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program which would qualify you for badges, goodies and certificates.
  6. Blogchatter has exclusive rights to the ebook for the first 2 months i.e. May and June. You are free to use other avenues post 30 June 2019.

Q3. Will Blogchatter help me market the book?

Just like we have activities planned for every campaign track, we will have activities planned for the carnival as well. These will be shared with the registered participants as and when. The activities will help you create buzz online. It will continue for the two months of this campaign track i.e. May and June.

Q4. How can I get reviews for my ebook?

Blogchatter Book Review Program helps you get reviews for the books from the registered reviewers. The reviews are added to the Reading List and the links to the reviews are showcased along with the book listings.

The links also get exclusive promotions on our social media channels, amplifying the reach of your book and review through community.

Q5. Do I need to participate?

No. But an ebook is an excellent way to test waters, reach out to an audience other than bloggers, learn how to market your product and gain some confidence in general. It can also work well as a portfolio if you are planning to continue writing.

Q6. What are the cost factors I need to keep in mind?

Listing the book with Blogchatter is free. If you are not using additional services of any professional or firm (for editing, cover design, conversion, etc.) then even creation of ebook is free.

Q7. After submitting a book to Ebook Carnival, can we still make changes in it and improve it, based on reviews/feedback?

That will be a revision or rather a change in book edition. In the beginning for a few days – we will be okay. But once reviews start then it will be tough.

Q8. What do I need to keep in mind before sending the ebook?

This is not an exhaustive or a compulsory list but you can begin here:

  1. Cover page with name of ebook and author
  2. Acknowledgments and Copyright
  3. Short author bio
  4. Font size, style and colour are legible
  5. Formatted for ease of reading
  6. Page numbers
  7. Chapter names and numbers
  8. Images

Q9. What is the perfect length for an ebook?

There is no such length. There are prescribed lengths (less than 30,000 words is a short story, 30,000 to 50,000 words are novellas and beyond that are full length novels) but they do not define if your book will be a success. Micro tales that are 140 characters also resonate with readers.

What you need is content that has some value to the reader.That value can be intangible (emotions) or tangible (information).

Q10. Do I need to add images to my ebook?

If yours is a food related book, we would recommend that you do. For other forms of writing, it is completely up to you. A good way to answer this question for yourself is to try to see the finished product from the point of view of the reader. If you think it’ll add to their reading experience, go ahead and add images.

Q11. What type of content works best for an ebook?

You should not be asking this question. All type of content works for the reader. What you have to remember is that if your reader is taking the time and effort to read you book, he or she gains something out of it whether intangible (emotions) or tangible (information). If people are reading your blog, then they will read your ebook also.

Q12. What is the best tool to format my content?

Microsoft Word is the easiest to use. It also has that handy convert to PDF option. While ePub and Mobi also exist as formats, a PDF will open on any device irrespective. Hence the preferred option is PDF. Other than that is completely up to you.

Q13. How to decide if my content is good for an ebook?

  1. Get beta readers, writers with experience, to read your book.
  2. Research Amazon. Read the most popular books in your genre. Note what resonates with you, the keywords they use in the blurb, the look of the cover.
  3. Don’t let anyone stop you from your dream.

Q14. Should we tweak blog posts for the ebook or use it as it is?

Blog content will have to be formatted for an ebook. Proper chapter headings, first paragraphs, etc. Plus front matter (copyright page, acknowledgements) and back copy (blurb, etc) will have to be added. Also, you need to realise what more will the reader gain from reading your ebook vis-a-vis reading your blog.

Q15. Which one is a better option between vanity publishing and self publishing and why?

Vanity publishing is when you pay the publisher to publish your book. You choose services: printing, marketing, promotions and distribution. With self publishing, you do all this yourself (ebook or hard copy). In both scenarios, YOU will be the driver.

There is no alternative to expert guidance. Its a choice you will need to make. Just remember what’s written in the contract is what you will get. Nothing extra. No freebies. People have been successful in both modes of publishing. So its up to you.

Decide based on what you want to invest more of: money or time.
PS: You will still need to learn more about marketing and promoting your book in both scenarios

Q16. How do I choose between KDP and traditional publishing?

KDP or traditional is a question all writers have to decide. Research, ask questions. KDP will surely help you know your reader base. Digital platforms definitely help to take risks too and one can make different pricing to the book and even give for free for building readers.

If you get a good publisher then go for both. KDP is something which you can do on your own and have full rights on the earning. Sometimes the rejection of publishers may let you down but with KDP, if you believe in your work then rejection of publishers doesn’t matter.

Q17. Will you take down the link to download my ebook from your site after May and June when the exclusive rights end?

Yes – all you have to do is send us an email on [email protected] If you wish, we can even replace the download link to your Amazon link, etc.

Q18. What does listing on your website mean?

Ebook is uploaded by our tech team on our website and then a link is listed. So all of this is done by us at back end once registration closes and we start listing ebooks.

Q19. Do you (author) earn through the ebook carnival?

No you do not. Since the listing is free of charge, the books are available for free to the community (or anyone who wishes to read) for the 2 months i.e. May and June while the campaign is ongoing. Post 30 June, you are free to do what you wish with your ebook.

If you still have questions, please drop us an email at [email protected] You can also DM us on twitter. If we have convinced you, please register here.