How to add value for your audience? We love our blogs and we love the content that we write. We love it so much and we spend so much of our time and effort into putting up the perfect piece on our blogs, we often forget the one person who makes this journey of writing and blogging worthwhile – our audience.

As we have been discussing our Blogging Commandments from the beginning of the year that helps you to blog better, let’s dive into the eight commandment – thou shalt add value. Here’s how to add value for your audience:


It is a good practice to read others from your niche, what the thought leaders in your space are discussing and what kind of content they are churning out. Then, look for the gaps. What are they not addressing? Is there a point they have made which you think you can expand upon more? Can you use your unique experience to add something to the narrative that the others have already built? That’s where your opportunity to add value lies.


In the digital sea, what makes you unique? Is it the images you use, or your logo, or colours that are specific to you? Maybe it’s your writing style or the expertise that you bring to the blogging table. Find it, use it, expand on it, and give it to your reader. Remember, what they get from you, they won’t get from anywhere else.


Listening is a grossly underused skill that we can capitalize on. What are your readers saying? What questions are they asking? What do they need? Give away your help for free. When someone asks you a question in the comment section and you’re able to help them, you have not only got yourself a loyal reader for life, but you have also got yourself a champion who will be sure to send people your way. It only takes one!


We are quite possessive of the knowledge we have and guard it as jealously as Smaug guarded Thorin Oakenshield’s gold. BUT! There is value to be had and shared here. To know how, check this blogpost on how to write in-depth content that not just serves an appetizer but a three-course meal to your reader. In short it adds value for your audience.


At Blogchatter, we swear by feedback. Some of our best practices and campaign tracks have emerged through taking regular and rigorous feedback. Talk to your readers. Get their feedback on what you write and if they need something specific from you. The specific, the better. Only then can you figure out what makes them tick and thus where you can add value.

When you think about your content and blogging strategy from the point of view of providing value to your reader, you start to think critically, ensuring you don’t waste your readers’ time when they land on your blog. It also supports your creative juices by letting them focus on areas that come naturally to you – thus keeping you happy and satisfied as well. Now isn’t that the best win-win scenario you could hope for?