21 day activity is done and dusted, but now the lockdown is extended (hey, that just rhymed! ). Are you fed up of jhadu, pocha and bartan and just want to do something else for a change? Who are we kidding, we all want that, don’t we? Let’s take a break and dive into this really fun quiz. We promise, you won’t regret it! Get your pen and paper and let’s get started on how #IndiaHealthyAtHome:

Make yourself at home and begin

What are you doing now?

  1. I’m busy travelling to Living Room Vegas from Los Bedroom.
  2. Counting the number of hair on my lashes, so busy.
  3. Calling the bakery for the umpteenth time. Providing cake is essential service.
  4. Listening to my kids scream. Might need an ENT consult later.
  5. ‘Maaaa, khane me kya hain?’ *Realized I live alone and need to cook*

Are you exercising while staying at home?

  1. Picture a Sloth Bear snoozing. That’s me.
  2. I just want something fun to do. Shall I give you a haircut?
  3. Chewing chocolate fudge is exercise, no?
  4. Yes, I wrestle a lot with my kids while getting them to take a bath.
  5. I need new clothes, I seem to be growing tall. Horizontally tall.

It’s raining outside. Perfect weather for…

  1. A nap. Again. And then, yet another nap and then…
  2. Let me go out and dance…Oh, I can’t *sob*
  3. Delicious hot chocolate with 5 marshmallows, no more, no less. *ok, more*
  4. My kids are screaming ‘pakoraaaas’, gotta go.
  5. Oh that restaurant with the perfect window view served the best kadhai paneer. *sniffle sniffle*

What kind of content do you enjoy?

  1. I am basically a fitness freak on a break. I make up for it by watching exercising videos.
  2. I have a huge pile of nitbits I have collected for crafts. I’m sticking them on my hair while I keep watching more DIY videos.
  3. Nigella’s show. If only I had all the ingredients she uses.
  4. There are monkeys in my living room. Live Animal Planet.
  5. Duh, masterchef. I am also a master chef. I can make khayali pulav. *pats own shoulder*

What would give you some peace right now?

  1. If I could come out of hibernation. *yawns*
  2. If only I could stop feeling so jittery. *Sticks more glitter on self*
  3. Kuchh mitha ho jayein? *pushes ten something chocolate wrappers out of sight*
  4. Some space to breathe would be really appreciated, thanks and regards.
  5. One plate biriyani, one plate masala dosa, two butter kulchas, …….. *imaginary burp*

Okay, we hope you did no peeking while answering the questions. Time for the answers to your #IndiaHealthyAtHome quiz!

Mostly 1: Dreams of Samurai Jack but living like Winnie The Pooh? Here is something you can definitely do, pick any or all: A simple workout with no equipment, a short workout that will definitely lift your spirits.

Mostly 2: Asking you to calm down won’t help, so here’s is something to keep you busy: A creative DIY to manage stress, easy yoga poses for mental peace.

Mostly 3: The sweet tooth hurting much, eh? Here’s something you can indulge in: So many dishes with just chocolate, delicious dessert that’s health friendly.

Mostly 4: Looks like with kids at home, there’s a lot of chaos. Don’t know how to keep them busy and healthy? This can help: Getting them to exercise is not impossible.

Mostly 5: Really missing those outdoor binges? Maybe you can bring that home with a twist: Super keto deliciousness in a bowl, easy tips to eat yum and eat healthy.

So which one did you get? Don’t forget to share on social media with the hashtag #IndiaHealthyAtHome and ask your friends to take the quiz too.

Now you *legit* have lots to do at home